Ensphere – CERN (Unreleased Jam Session Edit)

Ensphere – CERN [Unreleased Improvised/Jam Session]
Ryan Stertz on Keys
Michael Ludovici on Percussion
Randall Swindell on Guitar

mixed & recorded by Taperaten [ABW] on a Tascam M-320b

taken from a 17min jam, i edited the first 10min out to isolate this segment of the jam. a blind mix, i had no monitors of my own, in fact the only external source sound was patched thru the bus system & used 4 separate monitor mixes for the band set-up in their practice space. as an inexperienced engineer, i was surprised at how clear & somewhat balanced the mix was considering i only had VU meters to discern the levels of the ‘mix’. the drums may be a bit too loud, the keys are very present & up-front & the guitar is distant. it’s not perfect but a great capture of a rare & spectacular moment for me as a listener & fan!

this recording is special to me for several reasons, first its an epic jam improvised on the spot, cause Ensphere just rolls like that! secondly the space this was recorded in is very special to the history of the present (or past shall i say?) incarnation of Ensphere, this is where they grew & developed w/ Dillion, Serena & Ryan all of who played very intricate parts in the building & forming of Ensphere’s music & sound foundation. the unit C-9 loft space was home to the birth of many many Ensphere tales & legends. needless to say I’ve kept this gem under-wraps as long as i could & i try my best to NOT share any of their intellectual property w/o permission or accordance. BUT some very sad news arose yesterday & I feel it’s only right & fair for the fans of this great live musical act to share with them the immediate depth & creativity that goes on behind doors in the practice spaces of Ensphere.

also i titled the track on my own w/o permission as well, seeing that the jam was sort of just thrown away so-to-speak & never developed further, the music & energy made me think of the hadron collider at CERN, as well as all the molecular & nuclear scientific discoveries made there.


With Love. I bid you a tearful farewell ENSPHERE!

-Taperaten [ABW]


Enspherelive is NOW DEFUNCT

from left to right Serena Rose, Bobby RC Hutchinson, Randall Swindell, Michael Ludovici & Dave Thurston


needless to say i stopped posting here, last spring i was informed by members of the band how they felt about my site & the blatant sharing of their music, which wasn’t ok. it’s fair-enough, maybe if i had been more active in the goings-on w/ the band we could have worked something out to make a site like this very successful, it was my dream & vision to share with the world their music & vision. as of yesterday Ensphere ceased to exist (for now…). so I’m writing this as my farewell to them & this site in particular & the patrons of the site, these are my last TWO posts, I’ll never post here again. =(

it’s sad to see them go but it was inevitable to those close to the band, we knew this was going to happen it was only a matter of time, it would’ve taken a blessing & strong financial miracle backing to save them from their demise, but that just my opinion. so here the message Michael wrote to fans on the Ensphere FB page:

Hello, this is Michael Ludovici…. the artist formally involved in Ensphere. I was asked to write a formal letter to anyone who may be curious about the Ensphere break up, or why my band-mates and I would take Randall aside to collectively declare that we could no longer work with him, continue the dynamic that is Ensphere, and fulfill our obligation to one last show that we had booked for the 12th…. The fact of the matter is, that this is one of the hardest decisions I know I will ever have to make and it was not just an act of impulse…. It was only under great contemplation and conversations with my dear friends that we have made this choice. We all agree that it is the right decision for the benefit of everyone.

There are many logical and emotional reasons for this occurrence, but I wish only to convey to our fans that, simply, our approach and utilization of this medium of art, is just no longer in accord…. We all have very different priorities, perspectives, and needs as artists and people that will no longer allow the band to grow in a mutually beneficial way.

I believe all of us wish to continue to pursue performing, writing, and recording music outside of the band… and I wish everyone the absolute best with whatever path they may choose in life.

I feel so blessed to have been able to create the art that we have produced and am so grateful to have worked with such amazing and talented human-beings…. I am also so grateful to all of those who have genuinely connected to the music…. and to those who have supported us over the years – Thank you thank you thank you… from the bottom of my heart, thank you…..

With love and service,
Michael Ludovici

and this is what Randall wrote to fans:

Hey everyone, this is Randall.
yesterday everyone in the band announced to me that they are all leaving ensphere. effective immediately, and have decided not to play our committed gig this Saturday at the Rialto theater. I myself do not operate business in that fashion, and will honor the show, and the fans this Saturday by launching my solo career. I will keep everyone posted on all the exciting new endeavors!! Thank you everyone for your support.


GOODBYE, i hope you enjoyed my site & recordings.

I’ll leave one LAST treasure for you folks!

With Love. Taperaten [ABW]

Ensphere 2011 05.14 @ the Historic Rialto Theatre In Tucson, AZ [Beyond The Sacred Music & Arts Festival]


May 15th 2011
the Historic Rialto Theatre
Tucson, AZ

[Beyond The Sacred Music & Arts Festival]

Source/Lineage: Audience (R09 internal mics @ 24-bit/48.000kHz)->SDHC 4.0GB SanDisk card/micromate USB reader->Sound Studio 3.5.7 (track-split, NO COMPRESSION or LOSS)->Private Archive

Captured By Taperaten [ABW]

00. Announcer Intro
01. Frozen By Light
02. To The Aboulic
03. Feeding The Hungry Ghost
04. The Encroaching
05. Glow
06. Hyleg
07. Crumble [New Track Debut]

Randall Swindell

Ensphere Live 2011 04.02 @ The Rogue Bar, In Scottsdale, AZ [SBD]


April 02nd, 2011

The Rouge Bar

South-Scottsdale, AZ


Source/Lineage: R09 (Line-In to Soundboard direct stereo-output via RCA’s @ 48.000kHz/24-bit WAV)->SDHC 4.0GB card/micromate USB reader->Sound Studio 3.5.5 (track-split, 320kbps MP3 Compression)->U

Captured/Provided By Taperaten [ABW] & ‘Mike’ The Rogue Bar Sound-Tech.

01. Frozen By Light

02. Feeding The Hungry Ghost

03. Premonition

04. “Technical-Difficulties” -JAM-

05. To The Aboulic

06. The Encroaching

07. Glow

08. Siliceous

09. Aurora

10. Polychronemics

11. There Is A Way

12. Cadence


Ensphere Live 2011 03.31 @ The Rock In Tucson, AZ [16-bit MASTER]

March 31st,  2011
The Rock
Tucson, AZ

[16-bit MASTER]

Source/Lineage: R-09 Internal-Mics (Audience @ 48.000kHz/24-bit)->SDHC 4.0GB card/micromate USB reader->Sound Studio 3.5.5 (track-split, 16-bit Compression for CDQ)->U

01. Frozen By Light
02. Feeding The Hungry Ghost
03. Intro/Premonition
04. Siliceous
05. The Encroaching
06. Glow
07. Aurora ft. Serena Rose
08. Prizm ft. Serena Rose
09. Into The Willows
10. Levity
11. There Is A Way
12. Cadence

DOWNLOAD/STREAMING: http://www.archive.org/details/EnsphereLive2011.03.31TheRockTucsonAz

Michael Ludovici

Randall Swindell

Serena Rose

Serena on Viola

Ryan Stertz

Joey Malone on Key's Ensphere's latest memeber to join the group.


Photo’s courtesy of: Dillon Landry & Stacy Loves Photos

Ensphere 2011 03.26 @ the Eclipse Bar In Tucson, AZ

March 26th, 2011
Eclipse Bar
Tucson, AZ

Source: R09(48.000kHz/24-bit)->SDHC 4.0GB card/micromate USB reader->Sound Studio 3.5.5 (track-split, 44.100kHz/16-bit)->Archive.org->U

Set I:

01. Intro/Premonition
02. To The Aboulic
03. The Encroaching
04. Glow
05. Siliceous

Set II:

01. Frozen By Light
02. Feeding The Hungry Ghost
03. Levity
04. Polychronemics ft. Serena Rose
05. Prizm ft. Serena Rose
06. There Is A Way
07. Cadence

DOWNLOAD/STREAMING: http://www.archive.org/details/Ensphere2011.03.26ElipseBarTucsonAz

Ensphere & Odaiko Sonora Live 2011 03.05 @ Solar Culture In Tucson, AZ [SBD]

March 05th, 2011
Solar Culture
Tucson, AZ

Source/Lineage: R-09 (Soundboard line-in @ 48.000kHz/24-bit)->SDHC 4.0GB card/micromate USB reader->Sound Studio 3.5.5 (track-split, NO! Compression for Archive use)->U


01. Frozen By Light
02. Feeding The Hungry Ghost
03. To The Aboulic
04. Into The Willows
05. The Encroaching
06. Premonition ft. Odiako Sonora
07. Aurora ft. Odiako Sonora
08. Prizm ft. Odiako Sonora
09. Cadence (All Souls Ver.) ft. Odiako Sonora
10. Glow
11. There Is A Way

STREAM/DOWNLOAD: http://www.archive.org/details/Ensphere2011.03.05SolarCultureSbd

Randall & Ryan!